Performance Audits

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Performance Evaluation: Most Classified Employees in Three Departments Did Not Receive Annual Performance Evaluations for 2015

Personal Income Taxes: Department of Taxes Collected About Half of 2013 and 2014 Delinquent PIT, but was Unable to Assess the Effectiveness of Its Collection Methods

Agency of Education: Equalized Pupil: Calculations Generally Followed Law but Data Quality Could Be Enhanced

Public Defender Fees: Judiciary’s Efforts Yielded Collections of Less Than One-Third of Amounts Owed


Agency of Education: Use of Non-Competitive and Non-Standard Contracts Contrary to State and Agency Requirements

Vermont Health Connect: Status of Planned Enhancements VHC

Department of Labor: Action Needed to Better Detect and Prevent Worker Misclassification

Department of Corrections: Improved Oversight Needed For the Transitional Housing Program

Vermont Health Connect: Future Improvement Contingent on Successful System Development Project


Department of Liquor Control: Fiscal Impact of Privatization Projected as Neutral, but DLC Could Take Other Actions that May Increase Profits

                   Fiscal Impact of Privatization - Recommendations and Reviews Report

Designated Agencies: State Oversight of Services Could be Improved, but Duplicate Payments not Widespread October 2014

                   Designated Agencies - Recommendations and Reviews Report

Sex Offender Registry: Questionable Reliability Warrants Additional Improvements July 2014

                   Sex Offender Registry - Recommendations and Reviews Report


State-Issued Cell Phones November 2013

                  State-Issued Cell Phone - Recommendations and Reviews Report 

Correctional Health Care - October 2013

                  Correctional Health Care - Recommendations and Reviews Report

Agency of Transportation Construction Contract Report New Haven Paving Project September 2013 Revised 

                   New Haven Paving Project - Recommendations and Reviews Report

 Agency of Transportation Construction Contract Report Bennington Bypass Project September 2013 Revised

                   Bennington Bypass - Recommendations and Reviews Report

Workers' Compensation Program Audit - July 2013      

                   Worker's Compensation - Recommendations and Reviews Report          

Jobs Programs Profile - January 2013


Tax Increment Financing Capstone Report - December 2012

                   TIF  - Capstone - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Tax Increment Financing District - City of Winooski 2012

                   TIF - City of Winooski - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Human Services Programs: Eligibility System Contained Some Deceased Beneficiaries - September 2012

                    Human Services Programs - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Vermont Employment Growth Incentive Follow-up - June 2012

Tax Increment Financing District - City of Burlington 2012

                     TIF  - City of Burlington - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Choices for Care - April 2012

                     Choices for Care - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Medicaid Providers - January 2012

                    Medicaid Providers - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Tax Increment Financing District - Town of Milton - January 2012

                     TIF - Town of Milton - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)



Medicaid - September 2011

                     Medicaid  - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Tax Increment Financing District - City of Newport 2011

                      TIF - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)

Department of Corrections Probation and Parole Officers' Caseloads - January 2011

                      DOC - Recommendations and Reviews Report (new)


Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union by MGT of America - 2010

Supplemental Report of MGT of America Inc.'s Audit of SVSU - December 2010

Vermont Employment Growth Performance Audit - 2010

                      Employment Growth - Recommendations and Follow-Up 4 Year Report                                   

Sex Offender Registry 2010

                      Offender Registry - Recommendations and Follow-Up 4 Year Report                     

Improper Payments: Internal Control Weaknesses Expose the State to Improper Payments 2010

                      Improper Payments  - Recommendations and Follow-Up 4 Year Report                      

Improper Payments: Results of Review of VISION Payments Made During 2007 and 2008 (2010)

                      Vision Payments - Recommendations and Follow-Up 4 Year Report                      


Department of Economic Development and Vermont Economic Progress Council Performance Measures 2009

                      DED & VEPC -  Recommendations and Follow-Up Report

Department of Motor Vehicles Performance Measurement Report 2009

                      DMV - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report

Buildings and General Services Performance Measurement Report 2009

                      BGS - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report


Vermont Employment Growth Incentive Audit Report 2008

                      Employment Growth Incentive - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report

Agency of Transportation Rail Report 2008

                      Rail Report - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report 


Medicaid: Needed System Improvements and Questioned Payments Identified 2007

                      Medicaid - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report


Economic Advancement Tax Incentive (EATI) Audit Report 2006

Medicaid Pharmacy Report 2006

                       Medicaid Pharmacy - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report

Department of Public Safety Grants Management 2006

                       DPS - Recommendations and Follow-Up Report


Development and Implementation of Statewide Voter Checklist System 2005