News/Press Releases

April 2014

                                NEWS: VTDIGGER

                                                     Contract prevents state auditor from reviewing VSEA pharmacy benefits

                                NEWS: Vermont Public Radio                                               

                                                     Lawmakers Mull Protections For Whistleblowers

February 2014

                                 NEWS: Times Argus

                                                     Vt. lawmakers told whistle-blowers fear payback

December 2013

                                NEWS: Burlington Free Press                                                    

                                                     Vermont auditor Hoffer seeks whistleblower protection

November 2013

                      Press Release  Auditor says oversight of State cell phones is deficient

                                           Burlington Free Press (Editorial)

                                              Voice of the Free Press: The little things, too, add up

                                           FOX 44 -

                                              Report Finds Vt. Wasting Money on Cell Phones(video)


                                              State cellphone audit uncovers waste

                                          Times Argus                                                     

                                             Audit: State overspends on cellphone plans


                                          Burlington Free Press                                                      

                                             Auditor identified phones never or rarely used that cost the state $272,000




October 2013

                      Press Release: Auditor finds cost overruns in correctional health care

                                                      Brattleboro Reformer                                                            

                                                             Audit: Health costs over budget for Vt inmates                                               


                                                              State Auditor Critiques DOC's Health Care Contract

                                                     Times Argus

                                                              Corrections overspends on health care by $4.2M

                                                      Burlington Free Press                                                               

                                                               Auditor: State oversight of prison health contract falls short



September 2013

                Press Release:  Hoffer announces new audits

                                                  Rutland Herald

                                                            State auditor targets four areas

                News: The Mark Johnson Show

                                                            Auditor of Accounts discusses the work of the office 

                 News: Auditor’s report uncovers problems with transitional housing 

                                                               Results of Seall, Inc. Inquiry

                                                  Bennington Banner                                                   
                                                               Report finds issues with transitional housing October 2013



                 Press Release:  State Auditor Examines AOT Projects, Practices


                                                      Road construction audits finds room for impovement                                                         

July 2013

                 Press Release:  Auditor finds flaws in state workforce safety efforts

                                                  Times Argus                                          
                                                       Report: Too many workplace injuries
                                                       Auditor uncovers weaknesses in state's workers' compensation office
                                                   Burlington Free Press                                                        

                                                       Audit: State could do more to curb injuries on the job


                                                      Study: Vermont worker's comp system is flawed

                                                   Brattleboro Reformer                                                     

                                                     Audit finds flaws in Vermont workplace safety efforts


May 2013                     

                 Press Release: Auditor Applauds TIF Reforms  

                                          Milton Independent                                                     

                                                     Milton officials reflect on $22k TIF bill


                                                      Municipalities to pay back some money over TIF dispute

                                          Times Argus

                                                     Auditor praises Vt. action on tax districts

April 2013


                                                      Auditor proposes identity protection for whistleblowers

March 2013 

                      Tax Increment Financing - Recent Communications

                                                      Auditor's letter to Secretary Jeb Spaulding

                                                      Winooski's Response to SAO letter to Secretary Spaulding

                                                      Auditor's Response to Winooski

                                                      Milton's Response to SAO letter to Secretary Spaulding

                                                      Auditor's Response to Milton

February 2013

                     Press Release: State Auditor Releases the Report on Vermont DPS


                                                     Audit finds Vt. Public Safety Dept. payroll vulnerable to fraud


                                                     Few problems found in audit of state police overtime 

                    Press Release: Hoffer announces audits

                                                Audits to include the following

                                                Department of Corrections - Correct Care Solutions (inmate health care)

                                                Agency of Transportation (two contracts to be determined in the planning phase)

                                                Agency of Administration's Workers' Compensation & Injury Prevention Program

                                                State-Issued Cell Phones


                                      Hoffer lines up first few audits by Nat Rudarakanchana   


                                      New Vermont state auditor announces work projects posted by Nancy Remsen 


                                      New Vt. auditor announces 5 areas of study