Whistleblower Reports

How to Report Various Potential Fraud, Waste or Abuse

People have two major expectations of the government when it comes to their taxpayer dollars: that their money is kept safe and used wisely and appropriately.

We at the Office of the State Auditor feel the same way and we do everything we can through our regular audits to educate State officials about ways to meet these expectations and ensure that proper controls over cash are in place. Auditors call this activity setting the "tone at the top."

Throughout State government, department heads, supervisors and many employees work constantly to prevent fraud and the abuse of tax dollars. However, despite these efforts, fraud does occurs.

It is important for all of us to be aware of the various kinds of fraud that can be committed, and how to prevent them - especially within government. We need to educate managers and employees about fraud detection, and offer support when they suspect and report irregular activities.

To help in these efforts, we are pleased to provide direct telephone numbers for several frequently reported possible fraud situations.

If you suspect financial fraud, abuse or corruption in state government, please contact our Office in confidence at 1-877-290-1400 or by using this form. While we will not ignore anonymous reports, those made by an individual who identifies him or herself and who is available for further discussion of allegations are preferred. If you do identify yourself, we will do our best to avoid disclosure of your identity, although if administrative or criminal action were to result, there would be a likelihood that the target of such action would have the right to compel disclosure.



Douglas R. Hoffer

Vermont State Auditor


Direct hotline numbers to report possible fraud, waste or abuse are:

Medicaid Provider Fraud: (call 802-879-5900 and ask for the Program Integrity Unit)

Medicaid Beneficiary Fraud: (call 802-241-2826 for the Fraud & Quality Control Office of the Dept. of Children & Families): Examples of beneficiary or provider fraud include intentionally trying to defraud the program by various means including providing false information, such as actual residence or income; selling supplies, equipment or medications; using stolen Medicaid numbers; tampering with prescriptions; and submitting claims for services or items not furnished.

Unemployment Insurance Fraud: (call 802-828-4333): This fraud can occur when someone receives unemployment benefits they are not entitled to, or when companies misrepresent employees as independent contractors, or intentionally misreport wage income.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud: (call 802-828-2286): This fraud can occur when someone receives workers' compensation benefits that they may not be entitled to, or when a company intentionally misrepresents the activities of employees to secure a lower workers compensation insurance premium.

Vendor Fraud: (call 877-290-1400): Vendor fraud can occur when invoices to State agencies and departments contain significant intentional errors or when a claim for payment for services or products provided is false.

Social Security Fraud: (call 800-269-0271 or www.socialsecurity.gov): This can occur when individuals conceal work activity while receiving disability benefits, or when a person receives benefits for a child not under their care, or makes false statements on claims.

3SquaresVT Fraud (food stamps): (contact the Economic Services Division district office nearest you): Food Stamp fraud is the intentional misrepresentation, concealment or withholding of information in order to get food stamp benefits. It is fraud to sign any papers (such as an application for benefits, a questionnaire, or recertification papers) in which the information in the papers is not true.


Report Potential Fraud or Abuse