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The Audit as a Management Tool

Vermont State Government Official Site

This website is a good beginning to obtaining information on your State government. It includes links to all state agencies and departments as well as a telephone and email directory to find and contact relevant state officials and staff.

Vermont Legislature

Follow the action at the State House through this website. You can find out what committee meetings and votes are planned, obtain information on the content and status of specific bills or find out contact information for your local Senator or Representative. Moreover, the Joint Fiscal Office page includes information on the major appropriation bills, revenue forecasts, and reports on specific topics of interest.

Vermont Statutes

This web site provides links to all Vermont statutes. It also provides a link to the Vermont section at LexisNexis, which includes Vermont Court Rules as well as a search capability. Specific statutes that you might find of interest are those pertaining to public meetings (1 VSA § 312); access to public records and documents (1 VSA § 316); and the definition of public records (1 VSA § 317).

U.S. Government Official Website

The official gateway to all U.S. government information, this website provides an excellent entry into the federal government. You can look up information by topic or find the Website of a specific agency. It also includes an extensive search capability of millions of government websites and information on how to contact various parts of your government by email, phone, and in-person. If you have a question or comment that involves the government and are at a dead end, try the Ask Your Question section of this web page, which promises a response within two business days.

Library of Congress

You can find federal legislative information on this website, including information on public laws and the status of proposed bills. You can also track what your senators and representative are saying and doing. For example, click on the Congressional Record page on this site and you can access all of the statements made on the floor of the house and the senate by any member. You can also limit your search to the topics that are of the most interest.

The White House Official Website

Keep up with the president's policies and pronouncements through this website. It includes copies of the president's major speeches and transcripts and video of press briefings by the press secretary and others. On the lighter side, there are also video tours of the White House as well as interesting historical tidbits of various rooms (for example, First Lady Abigail Adams used to hang the family's laundry in the East Room while the White House was being finished).

The United States Code

This website provides access to the U.S. Code, which is a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States.

Nonprofits Vermont's more than 2500 nonprofit organizations play an integral role in delivering government-funded services and improving the quality of life for many Vermonters. Growing good government that is efficient and effective requires strong collaboration with our nonprofit partners.